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If you are a magician, you may be interested in checking out Jonathan's product line for some performance inspiration. Whilst the effects are advertised openly here for your perusal, they are only designed for the professional magician and do assume a basic level of proficiency in the art of magic and as such are unsuitable for members of the public.

Ambideckstrous (2011)



A two-card transposition routine in which the card box transforms to reveal the identity of each selection in turn, printed on its back. Jonathan Pickard's 'Ambideckstrous' combines simple sleight and a cunning concept to create an astonishingly fresh routine so unobtrusively practical it can integrate near-seamlessly into almost any magician's repertoire. The audience is led through an engaging routine of unexpected revelations and a translocation twist whereby two selections change places in the spectators' hands with a shocking conclusion. Versatile, adaptable, personal...this is an effect where the spectators' reactions will speak for themselves.

A review of this effect featured in Magic Magazine April 2013, Volume 22, Issue 8 and can be viewed here. (Password: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ steps taken to become a mentalist according to a book by Tony C).

In Two Minds (2010)


Front Cover

A spectator finds themselves able to divine the name of a card selected by a second spectator only moments before.

Razor (2009)

Whether youre quickly looking to become a whiz at the card table, or just want to blow spectators away with your card-handling skills, Razor is a video not to be missed...

Jonathan Pickard provides full, easy-to-follow commentaries and straightforward tuition on a super-stylish selection of cuts and reveals based around his classic Razor cut. This brand-new video for Windows PCs features controls to help you follow the moves with ease: Full chapter support helps you skip to the sections you want to learn. You can even step through the moves frame-by-frame should you need to take things more slowly.

Preserve a top stack with the fast and easy-to-learn Razor classic, or smoothly pivot a chosen card from the centre using the Razor reveal. The Razor false can be used to preserve the whole deck order, whilst the dextrous style of the Razor Ultimate provides a visually stunning means to instantly affirm your spectators belief in your card skills.

Establish yourself as a highly-skilled performer with this essential four-flourish arsenal that truly is a cut above the rest.

Defaced (2008)


A named-selection appears from a pack of blank cards: Jonathan Pickard presents 'Defaced' - the stunning new card printing effect, with a difference. You start with a blank-faced deck. The spectator takes one of the blank cards and draws a thought-of selection. The drawn card is cut into the pack wherever the spectator chooses, but is left protruding. On pushing it fully into the deck of blank cards, it instantly becomes a real printed version of their selection! The whole deck may be shown front and back, it works with any named selection and resets in seconds. Straightforward, clean and easy to perform, this is just one of the many ways this exciting new gimmick can be used. The fully illustrated in-depth instructions provide you with alternative presentations to suit your style. You don't even have to deface your cards; perform it with "Your Cards", blank cards, prediction cards or get inventive and make your own routines. Of course, you can always replace blank cards without having to buy a whole new gimmick, meaning whichever way you choose to use your Defaced deck, you're in for many successful performances.

The whole deck may be shown front and back!

Works with any named selection!

Customisable gimmick with applications in mentalism, cabaret and close-up!

Alternative presentations included! 

Between the Lines (2007)

Magicbox is pleased to announce the release of a revolutionary new Mentalism routine.  It has long been said that the strongest effects are those which happen in the hands of the spectator; what if the effect could take place in the spectators mind?  

Born from a concept from the creative mind of Michael Murray and adapted for performance by Jonathan Pickard, “Between the Lines” combines some revolutionary thinking with a classic mentalism effect to create one of the most powerful routines available to date! 

Imagine handing a spectator a torn page from a random book, you then ask them to imagine a fictitious scene in their mind building it up piece by piece.  The spectator is then instructed to read the page, which has been in their possession throughout.  Imagine their reaction as it dawns on them that the printed page accurately describes the scene they had created in their mind moments earlier.Best of all there are several extra subtleties hidden with in the text! Could this be genuine mind reading, could this be psychometry?  To find out you will have to read “Between the Lines”.

J.Pickard - "Just tried this out on a friend of mine and to say she was speechless is a understatement!"

D.Mcgee - "This is a fantastic effect, by far the best buy i have made over the past two years!"

S.Grant - "Without exaggeration - this is probably the strongest commercial effect I have seen in a very, very long time. It's brilliant. In my mind this effect ranks up there with things like 'reminisce. 'I give this product a 100% recommendation. 10/10. "

K.Dyne - "In my opinion this is what modern mentalism is all about. Michael has come up with a real world, innovative masterpiece that plays strong for the modern audience." 

Transmission (2006)

Four randomly selected spectators are chosen to come on stage and each select a card.  Then comes the difference... instead of the mentalist revealing the names of the selected cards, one of the spectators on stage finds themselves able to accurately divine the name of each of the chosen cards, with apparently no knowledge of how they are doing it.

Not only that, but it can be stressed that this mind-reading spectator has never met you before, that nothing has been set up, that the performer isn't signalling to the spectator (touch, sound etc) and at no point prior to naming each card does he know any of the selections.  At no point does he see the other selections and the effect works every time!  The mind reader can even be blind folded.

This pack comes with in-depth instructions and full script as well as performance ideas and extentions to what is one of the cleanest and outrageously impossible mind-reading effects around!


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