Defaced (2008)


A named-selection appears from a pack of blank cards: Jonathan Pickard presents 'Defaced' - the stunning new card printing effect, with a difference. You start with a blank-faced deck. The spectator takes one of the blank cards and draws a thought-of selection. The drawn card is cut into the pack wherever the spectator chooses, but is left protruding. On pushing it fully into the deck of blank cards, it instantly becomes a real printed version of their selection! The whole deck may be shown front and back, it works with any named selection and resets in seconds. Straightforward, clean and easy to perform, this is just one of the many ways this exciting new gimmick can be used. The fully illustrated in-depth instructions provide you with alternative presentations to suit your style. You don't even have to deface your cards; perform it with "Your Cards", blank cards, prediction cards or get inventive and make your own routines. Of course, you can always replace blank cards without having to buy a whole new gimmick, meaning whichever way you choose to use your Defaced deck, you're in for many successful performances.

The whole deck may be shown front and back!

Works with any named selection!

Customisable gimmick with applications in mentalism, cabaret and close-up!

Alternative presentations included! 

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