Razor (2009)

Whether youre quickly looking to become a whiz at the card table, or just want to blow spectators away with your card-handling skills, Razor is a video not to be missed...

Jonathan Pickard provides full, easy-to-follow commentaries and straightforward tuition on a super-stylish selection of cuts and reveals based around his classic Razor cut. This brand-new video for Windows PCs features controls to help you follow the moves with ease: Full chapter support helps you skip to the sections you want to learn. You can even step through the moves frame-by-frame should you need to take things more slowly.

Preserve a top stack with the fast and easy-to-learn Razor classic, or smoothly pivot a chosen card from the centre using the Razor reveal. The Razor false can be used to preserve the whole deck order, whilst the dextrous style of the Razor Ultimate provides a visually stunning means to instantly affirm your spectators belief in your card skills.

Establish yourself as a highly-skilled performer with this essential four-flourish arsenal that truly is a cut above the rest.

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