Transmission (2006)

Four randomly selected spectators are chosen to come on stage and each select a card.  Then comes the difference... instead of the mentalist revealing the names of the selected cards, one of the spectators on stage finds themselves able to accurately divine the name of each of the chosen cards, with apparently no knowledge of how they are doing it.

Not only that, but it can be stressed that this mind-reading spectator has never met you before, that nothing has been set up, that the performer isn't signalling to the spectator (touch, sound etc) and at no point prior to naming each card does he know any of the selections.  At no point does he see the other selections and the effect works every time!  The mind reader can even be blind folded.

This pack comes with in-depth instructions and full script as well as performance ideas and extentions to what is one of the cleanest and outrageously impossible mind-reading effects around!


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