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Magic Magazine: Review of 'Ambideckstrous'

Magic Magazine | April 2013

A new-thinker in his field, Jonathan works on designing new magic effects. Recent worldwide creations have been widely acclaimed, even featuring in television performances by top artists of the genre. His effect, ‘Ambideckstrous’ was reviewed in the top international publication Magic Magazine. Magicians can view the article from Magic Magazine, April 2013, Vol.22, Issue 8 here. (Password: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - The number of steps taken to become a mentalist according to a book by Tony C).

Sky | Tyne and Wear: Mixing Magic and Medicine: The Doctor By Day, Trickster By Night

"A Newcastle doctor is combining his passion for medicine with a love of magic.

Dr Jonathan Pickard works at the Freeman Hospital by day, but at night, he performs as a professional close-up magician.

The 26-year-old graduated from Newcastle University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and made the decision the pursue a career in the medical profession while keeping magic as a hobby.

Jonathan said: “It is a very unique combination, I don’t think there are many doctors who do magic as a hobby.”

Jonathan, originally from Nottingham, began learning magic tricks at the age of 13 after being inspired by American illusionist David Blaine.

He said: “ I’d always been interested in magic but this was something new and different. It’s a great skill to have and a very sociable one.

“I think magic and medicine go very well together. Being a doctor can be very busy job and one where you need a release so it’s great to have something artistic like magic to loose myself in.

“I do try to keep the two passions separate, but occasionally when I have some spare time I have shown staff, and on the odd occasion patients, magic tricks.”

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